How to Break Weight Loss Plateau – 10 Easy Ways To Break It

weight loss plateau
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Introduction- How to break weight loss plateau

The weight loss journey might be long for some people. There are several phases of a weight loss journey and one of them is the weight loss plateau.

When you start following a healthy diet and an exercise plan you might lose weight fast at the beginning (first few weeks). But, after some time you might reach a point when the weight won’t go off despite the diet and exercise. That is called a weight loss plateau.

This is one of the weight loss phases most people struggle with. This article discusses tips on how to break the weight loss plateau and help you start losing weight again.

Here are 10 easy ways to break the weight loss plateau

People get frustrated and demotivated when they reach a weight loss plateau.

Weight loss can be achieved through various strategies by creating a net caloric deficit. Rapid weight loss can occur initially, but individuals may experience a weight loss plateau as the body adjusts. Long-term weight loss success is challenging, with only 10-20% of individuals maintaining weight loss after 24 weeks. Yo-yo dieting can occur when individuals lose weight, hit a plateau, and regain weight in frustration. Understanding why plateaus occur and considering strategies to overcome them can lead to greater long-term weight loss success [1].

Weight loss plateaus can be broken by following some ways. So, here are 10 easy ways to break the weight loss plateau and start losing weight again-

1. Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is a part of life and it’s often difficult to escape. It can affect your mental health, and your weight in many different ways. It can significantly impact your ability to lose weight.

Some studies have stated that reducing your stress levels might help you lose weight [2, 3].

People who have hit a weight loss plateau highly need to control their stress levels as they might feel demotivated because they have stopped losing weight.

Listening to music, exercising, yoga, and meditation are some effective ways to control and reduce stress levels.

2. Eat More Fiber

Many studies have shown that eating more fiber can help in losing weight. and getting rid of obesity [4, 5].

Especially, eating soluble fiber which can even help with your gut health. Eating fiber can also help in lowering your blood pressure and reducing your appetite.  

Getting enough fiber in your daily routine is essential for your health and it might help you break the weight loss plateau. Try to include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet as they are rich in fiber.

3. Drink More Water

Hydration can help with weight loss and probably with breaking the weight loss plateau too. Water can increase your metabolism which will increase the number of calories you burn in a day and thus, can help you lose weight [6, 7].

Drinking water before meals can make you feel fuller much faster, reducing the total food intake. We suggest increasing your water intake and drinking it, especially before meals.

4. Get enough sleep

Short sleep (less than 6-7 hours) can stop your weight loss and it also promotes weight gain. Lack of sleep can increase hunger levels causing you to eat more. It can also lead to fewer energy levels which can affect your work and physical activities [8, 9].

Getting enough sleep can help in increasing metabolism and energy levels throughout the day which can help you burn more calories [10, 11].

A good 7-8 hours of sleep can help in breaking a weight loss plateau.

5. Increase your workout intensity

When you have been following the same workout routine for weeks, your body adapts and gets used to it. Increasing your workout intensity progressively after some weeks is a key factor to continue getting results in terms of weight loss or even muscle building. 

Try combining resistance training with cardio for weight loss. Resistance training helps in building muscle and increasing your metabolic rate which can help in weight loss [12].

A study investigated the effects of a 12-week training program consisting of aerobic (cardio), resistance, or combination exercise, at moderate intensity for 30 minutes, five days per week on overweight and obese individuals’ cardiovascular risk profiles. The study found that exercise, particularly combination exercise, resulted in improvements in cardiovascular risk factors such as weight loss, fat loss, and cardiorespiratory fitness [13].

Also, try including high-intensity interval training in your workout routine as it also helps with weight loss [14].

Increasing your workout intensity and increasing exercise frequency is another way to break that weight loss plateau.

6. Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are essential food for weight loss. Every diet should have vegetables included in it. Many people don’t eat vegetables regularly. Vegetables are healthy foods and are also low in calories.

Research suggests that consuming a higher proportion of dietary energy from vegetables may support greater weight loss in the short term [15].

They are high in fiber which makes them a necessity to be taken for weight loss. So, if you want to break your weight loss plateau you must include vegetables in your diet.

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7. Increase your protein intake

Increasing your protein intake might help in losing weight in many ways. Eating a protein-rich diet can make you full faster and avoid overeating [16, 17].

Protein can also boost metabolism and also help in building lean muscle mass. 

Some foods that are rich in protein are – meat, eggs, salmon, legumes, dairy foods, and more. So, increasing your protein intake is another way to break the weight loss plateau.

8. Track and monitor everything you eat

People should monitor and track everything they eat. Track your dietary habits, calories, and even your fat intake. Sometimes, you think you are eating less but you are still not losing weight.

If you track what you eat you will have control over your diet. It can help you avoid overeating and also avoid making bad food choices. This will allow you to make necessary changes to your diet if needed. 

Keeping track of things you eat can help you break through the weight loss plateau. The easiest way to do this is by keeping a note of everything you eat in a journal or in an online food tracker.

9. Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol has a negative impact on weight loss. Alcohol is usually high in calories and it also provides no nutritional value. Alcohol can also affect your organs.

Some studies have shown that people who consume alcohol end up eating more. Excessive alcohol consumption can result in overeating episodes, and individuals with high levels of impulsivity may be at greater risk of increased energy intake during or after drinking [18].

Hence, reducing alcohol intake is a suitable recommendation for individuals undergoing behavioral weight loss treatment, especially for those with high impulsivity levels.

Research states that alcohol can lead to wakefulness causing your sleep quality to decrease [19].

So, if you have reached a weight loss plateau and stopped losing weight it is time for you to cut back on alcohol. 

10. Try Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is very beneficial for weight loss. Green tea contains caffeine and catechin (an antioxidant) which boosts metabolism and helps in losing weight [20, 21].

Drinking 1-2 cups of green tea a day can help you with weight loss and also help in breaking through the weight loss plateau.

The Bottom Line- How to break weight loss plateau

We hope you enjoyed our article about breaking the weight loss plateau. If you have reached a plateau, it is never too late to change your habits and get back on track.

We know it can be frustrating when you reach the weight loss plateau and your progress stops, but if you want to break this weight loss plateau, don’t lose hope!

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