When to Workout for Weight Loss? Best Time to Exercise to Lose Fat

when to workout for weight loss
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Introduction- When to Workout for Weight Loss?

When to Workout for Weight Loss? Discovering the best time to workout either for fat loss or for any other Fitness Goal can be difficult. When it comes to exercising for weight loss, it is believed that your effort and consistency matter the most. And timing plays an important role in shedding weight.

People do prefer different times to workout as per their goals when their schedule allows them to workout & when they feel the most motivated.

But research shows that there is an absolute time to train which can: Improve Performance, Boost strength gains, and Raise the number of calories you burn during the workout. So, In this article, we are going to look at when is the absolute right time for you to exercise & work out for better results.

Morning, Evening, or Afternoon – What is the Best Time to Exercise for Fat Loss?

What’s the Best Time to Exercise for Weight Loss? Exercising in the morning is believed to boost metabolism, which will continue to burn calories throughout the day Exercising in the evening is found to have a better performance which can lead to better results. Exercising in the afternoon helps in boosting testosterone. Let’s dig a little bit dip into it :

Exercising in the Morning

Exercising in the morning
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Well, there are many benefits of working out in the morning.
If you have had good enough sleep in the night, then working out first in the morning can increase your performance in the workout, but most people don’t have the optimal energy to exercise in the morning.

However, morning workouts on empty stomach are proven to shed stored fat & burn more calories. Research has shown that consistently performing morning exercise can be beneficial for individuals with obesity [1].

By exercising in the morning you’re also giving yourself a boost of endorphins and you’ll feel happier throughout the day.

Moreover, you will get a boost in motivation as you have completed the first task of the day & also you will not have a workout scheduled in the upcoming hours of the day (afternoon or evening) which just pulls out the burden & pressure of a task scheduled in the day.

Exercising in the Evening

Exercising in the evening
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While it feels like working out in the morning is better but working out in the evening also has its advantages.
The evening is the perfect time to exercise, especially if you work the day shift. Some study states that most people perform better and are naturally stronger in the evening compared to the morning [2].

The reasons can be as – You’re more hydrated, more charged with Glycogen and your core temperature is the highest in the evening.

Furthermore, a study from 2019 states that evening workouts do not disturb sleep [3].
While morning workouts might seem to be better for weight loss, evening workouts are almost up to the same standards or even better for some individuals.

Exercising in the Afternoon is also a good option

Exercising in the afternoon
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Exercising in the morning or evening has its benefits & perks but afternoon workouts are also a decent option.
The benefits of working out in the afternoon are that you’re energized, able to burn more calories, and ready to do more things once you finish working out.

A recent study states that afternoon workouts can help you live longer [4].

Another study states that exercising in the afternoon is more beneficial than exercising in the evening for increasing blood glucose levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes [5].

Working out after you’ve taken a meal might increase energy levels but at least after 2-3 hours of the meal taken. There is also the added benefit that in the afternoon our reaction time is the fastest, we are already warmed up and our heart rate and blood pressure are at their highest.

So, What is the Best Time to Exercise for You?

To tell which time to workout is best depends on you as an individual and your fitness goals.

In the end, it does not matter what time you exercise, the things that matter are that you exercise regularly, and you have the motivation and the energy to workout.

The benefits of working out consistently are unmatched. Regular exercise is the key to losing weight and gaining muscle and strength.

Conclusion – When to Workout for Weight Loss? Best Time to Exercise for Fat Loss!

A lot of people are curious about when they should workout for fat loss. There is no bad time to exercise, The simple answer is that there is no right or wrong time to workout for fat loss or even for any of your fitness goals.

A morning workout on an empty stomach is proven to shed stored fat & burn more calories. Some study states that most people perform better and are naturally stronger in the evening. While afternoon workouts help in boosting testosterone.

No matter what the time is, at the end of the day, it is important to work out regularly because consistency is one of the key factors of weight loss or any other fitness goal.

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